where i can ask about XSS
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Thread: where i can ask about XSS

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    where i can ask about XSS

    where i can ask about XSS?

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    From the main page look down the right hand side and you will see a column called "Site Menu". Go down that and select "Discussion Forums".

    A new page will appear. I would choose "Web Security" for cross site scripting questions.

    If you are not sure I would suggest using "General Computer Discussions" and if it turns out to be something else then a moderator will move the thread for you.


    In the top right hand corner there is a forum search box. Type in cross site scripting and then search.[ XSS won't work because it is only three letters.] That will show you previous discussions on the subject.
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    You have 3 Category's that you could use for XSS discussion.

    Web Development

    Code Review

    General Programming Questions

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