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    Is it just me, or has the advertising here gotten a bit ridiculous? I pulled up AO today to be greeted by a full page ad. One of those ones that you have to press 'skip' on to get to the site. I believe it was for Sun or something like that...

    Anyone else get this?


    I couldn't get it to come up again on this system, but I got a screenshot on a virtual machine...
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    That's apparently brand-new, and I'm thinking it's going to be a relatively short-lived campaign.

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    Thank goodness, the damn ad minimized to a bar, but then the bar hovered and followed me when scrolling down the site, impeading my view.

    How annoying...
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    I just block unwanted content from appearing with adblocking apps..

    But we are not allowed to discuss the different ways on how to block the ads from appearing here.

    I got sick of having that gawd annoyting pop up ad appearing each time i visited the site i think last year i last spotted it.?

    hopefully this "campaign" doesn't last long either..

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    LOL ? I havent seen anything! Since when? Um FF blocks my popups for me ...
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