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    iEnigma Delivers 2-Factor Authentication Using iPhone

    Even for organizations that have solid password policies, or for users who have done everything they can to ensure they are using a secure password, the password alone is still weaker protection than two-factor authentication. The possibility exists for an attacker to guess or crack the password to gain unauthorized access.

    Two-factor authentication requires an additional component (a 'second factor'- hence the name two-factor authentication) to authenticate the identity of the individual. Two-factor authentication also adds complexity though. The most common implementations of two-factor authentication rely on smart cards, or USB flash drives, or encryption key fobs. All of these require that the user carry some additional item with them in order to gain access. If a user happens to forget that authentication mechanism they will be unable to access the resources being protected by two-factor authentication.

    Charismathics recognized this issue and came up with a different approach to two-factor authentication. Rather than requiring users to carry an additional item, why not just leverage an item they are already carrying...
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