Hey guys,

My company ponied up the money and sent me and a few others to the Juniper OJRE and AJRE boot camps. The instructor was absolutely awesome!! Double CCIE and JNCIE with a crap load of experience. It was probably the best class I've ever taken. There were so many topics that Juniper covered a lot better than Cisco, or it could have just been the instructor since he both worked and taught for both companies, along with other companies that used both products.

Now that I took the classes, I think I want to try and get some certs. Anyone here a Juniper guy? I'm currently studying for my CCNP, but they are so simular that I feel I might be able to do both at the same time. Is anyone here a Juniper guy? I know a lot of guys on here don't like certs, but I think it would be cool to learn JUNOS. Also, I find getting certs gives you some sort of direction when it comes to learning. The instructor actually put it pretty well, he said, "All of these paper certs lead up to the ones that actually matter, the CCIE and JNCIE".