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    Unhappy WSUS problems.

    I have very little time to implement WSUS in our environment. (This may affect my job)

    32 servers (all business and service critical) + around 5000 computers (geographically separated but in same domain [forest & tree] on different VLANS though).

    There are 5 GP currently active. I didn't create any of them, nor do I have the time to go over them right now. I am highly skeptical of having 5 GP's, however there is a "domain administrator" so thatís his problem - i've enabled options that i require in the default GP for all machines. I've enforced the options to do download and install without user intervention (or consent) but this isnít doing me any good. Itís been 2 days and yet very few machines have even reported 100 % status. All machines are accounted for in the WSUS but NO STATUS UPDATES. WSUS has downloaded what updates Iíve approved. I have 0 updates pending (Iíve approved and declined as per requirement and Iíve gone over this multiple times not to skip any update or cause a superseding update conflict). STILL NO GOOD! Machines just aren't updating status or taking updates.

    I know the information Iíve provided isnít enough hence kindly ask for whatever information that you require to help me in this problem.

    I'm am sort of desperate since like I said "this will affect my job" (especially since April 1st is like dooms day to me boss - even after I told him what could happen at the most!).

    I'm going over the microsoft guide as i write this (on a sunday). If there is any suggestion please let me know. Just worried.
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