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Thread: Speeding Up Internet Explorer 8.

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    I never ever spilled booze. I was taught it's a sin to waste it when there are children in the world going to bed sober.
    Hah! JPnyc............it's been a long time since that misfortune befell me

    Incidentally, what are "cheetos"?

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    They're actually really good John, if you don't mind having orange fingers afterward. They're sort of puffy cheese snacks, purely junkfood and in no way good for you. But then most things that are fun in life, aren't. In fact offhand I can't think of one.

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    The-Spec you make me laugh
    Quote Originally Posted by The-Spec View Post
    I came online at an era when everyone was still using Netscape. Um, trust me... IE displays things much quicker than most browsers
    I can name three browsers off the belt that will load pages quicker then IE and that is off the top of my head FF, Opera and Chrome. I haven't tried many others but I bet Safari is probably quicker then IE8.

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