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    A shared response

    Quote Originally Posted by JPnyc
    The site is banned and blocked in all Muslim nations.
    I would love it if entire nations would try to snip me off the web... the same ways ANTIONLINE and various computer security sites once did, no less.

    But yeah, I think that words like Islam should hold the same reaction that communism once had. But then im pretty biased. I dislike special interest groups in general... no matter if they have a noble cause or not.

    Everything from racial organisations, environmental groups, handicapped services, and even something obscure as nursing associations. Im not even particularly taken towards anyone looking out for veterans either.

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    You're referring to Faithfreedom.org, no doubt. Yes, that is blocked in all Muslim nations I believe. Of course I haven't verified this personally... but that's what I'm told.

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    I bet those guys would enjoy the things I did to help zone-h.org stay offline considering how often the site was commonly used as a soapbox for islamic cults.

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