Hi Guys (& Girls)

Just have a query at the moment used a knoppix live cd to recover some files on a corrupt windows install, well my supplier told me to go inside the system volume, and extracted some registry hives (is that correct name or terminology) anyhow the files are structed for example


The reason I need these hive or keys whatever you want to call them is that I have reinstalled xp on the machine in question using a new hdd.

There is a specific registry key I need to recover from the old hard drive unfortunately I couldn't export it from the old machine using convenisional methods i.e. regedit as even safe mode didn't work on this machine due to cluster damage I pressume (the supplier knew about this but still supplied it). So I used the knoppix live cd, which is bloody fanstatic even though my knowledge on linux is quite limited.

Anyhow the key question I require is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Aberlink 3D the supplier has a copy however the calibrations sets may be slighty out and the guys on the shopfloor said they can't take the risk.

Now I usually only deal with machines that are on the network and are fully backed up, this machine is a standlone machine with no backup (I known very frightening) Once I repair this machine I will advise them to back it up occassionally or advise me when any changes have been done so I may back it up for them.

I would appreaciate any advise on this matter or if anyone could point me to sites that will enable me to resolve it myself then please do.

Many thanks