So I like to brainstorm ideas for businesses when I am bored. An idea I had come up with was a business that people could call when they think there kids are doing something bad on the computer, thier spouses are cheating on them(utilizing the computer/Internet), and so on. So with that you go out to thier house, while the suspected person is not around, you consult with the caller, then install some monitoring software on thier PC, configure the antivirus software to ignore its presence. Setup a site for them to monitor the results from and voila... Tell the person they can do whatever they want with the information. So the monitoring software would report keystrokes, web sites visited, passwords, Instant Messaging and chat logs, etc..

I know people could do this themselves but most are not technically savvy enough and would probably get caught by the person being monitored.

To add another layer to this the business could also have a service where they place a magnetic gps tracking unit under the targets car, providing up to the minute details of where the target is to the customer. These devices are very cheap now a days.

Really though whats legal here and what isnt? Lets assume for the computer monitoring that the customer has signed an agreement stating the computer is owned by them. Please give me your thoughts...