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    Windows Scheduled Tasks

    I have a script that is designed to run 2 months in a row (designed to track uptime, runs daily). At the end of the two months (Day 1 Month 3), it needs to run a maintenance script to update the original list and backup the old one.

    Now I have all of this scripted into two files, one that scans, and one that runs the maintenance. I had no issue scheduling the first script to run everyday, but I am trying to schedule the second script to run one day 1, of every third month in order to coincide with a script I run on day 1 of every month.

    Is there any sort of trick I could use to setup an automated task to run on the 1st day of every third month? I have been hoping to avoid setting up the tasks one by one or using a third party program, but if there's no other options I will.

    System: Windows XP SP2 VM
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    Yea when using the wizard choose the script then monthly then day one, and only check the months you want it to run

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