All part of the same domain. Heres the deal. Migrating to a new domain. E-Mail is on the new domain, hence needing the credentials stored. Prior, it was all one pass. Once we move all the computers to the new domain, this will not be an issue anymore. For some reason, admin is dragging feet to migrate comptuer accounts, leaving me with a few unhappy users who need to remember new authentication details for outlook.

Still not sure why a majority of users do not have this issue, and the affected users can log onto one of their computers, and things save under the new profile that is created.
This rules out group policy from the domain, and no local policies have ever been changed/used.

The users with this issue were all more recent deployments, some deployed with sp3, some upgraded to it. Not sure why that would matter though, since the base operating system options should remain the same...

If this turns out to be some hidden check box, I'm gunna be pissed.

Thanks for all the help and leads, even if theres been no luck so far, appriciate all the ideas.