Hii guys
Recently, i've been facing a quite peculiar sort of problem with my pc. Whenever i boot in Windows(i have only XP as my sole OS), it shows some "Memory Parity Error" evenever the file agp440.sys is being processed at the time of startup. Its some type of hardware error. Now ehenever i use Knoppix LinuxLiveonCD , it shows the followin error

Line 15 : /usr/bin/apm_available input-output error

What problem does my computer have?? I have a Pentium 3 500Mhz 128mb ram 20Gig HDD CPU, which had been serving well for me for all these years, and had no problem with the same configuration. This problem occurs to me for some days, and then the PC starts working well again, and its the third time i'm facing this wierd situation. Does anyone have any clue ??