I'm surprised nobody's posted about this yet...

JuLissa Brisman was found dead in the Marriott Copley Hotel in Boston. Original reports stated that she had been stabbed, then it was confirmed that she was bound and shot three times after an apparent violent struggle. All the police had to go on initially was a surveillance photo of a blond guy in the hotel at the time.

Then they linked this murder to a robbery that happened at the Westin Copley Hotel four days earlier. The same guy was in a surveillance photo from that hotel, right next door to the Marriott.

After further investigation, they learned that both victims had placed ads on Craigslist for "Massage services."

Using subpoenas to Craigslist and ISPs, they were able to track down communications with the victims, leading them to Philip Markoff, A Boston University Medical School student.

Markoff and hid friends and family immediately began singing "mistaken identity." At arraignment, the ADA laid out the evidence they found during the Search/Arrest warrant: IP logs, computers from the apartment, zip-cuffs identical to those used in the murder, the fact that it's clearly him on the surveillance photos, and an illegally possessed handgun hidden in a book safe.

Oh yeah, the gun? - ballistic match to the rounds that killed Brisman.

His Fiance continues to stand by him and say that he "couldn't hurt a fly."

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