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Thread: Can I stop scams targetting customers via phone?

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    Can I stop scams targetting customers via phone?

    So lately we have had about 100 of our customers targeted by scammers. The scammer calls them, its either a live person or a recording and attempts to get some account information from them. The problem is some people will give their private info to anyone! We have tracked about 20 different phone numbers that these calls have been made from. Aside from contacting state and federal law enforcment is there anything else I can do? Does anyone have any insight into combatting this type of scenario?

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    Educate your customers.

    One of my clients (major investment firm) sent out letters to all their customers telling them that they NEVER call or email customers to ask for personal info. The letter explained identity theft, phishing scams as well as a list of recommended actions to protect your ID. Suggest you do something similar.
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    contacting state and federal law enforcment
    Do that first

    Then ask yourself how these customers were targeted?

    Dumpster diving?
    Internal leak?

    Otherwise as CSR has advised you.

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