Hey all been a long time since i have been around. Work been keeping me busy most of the time so I suppose thats a goo thing. Anyone, right down to it shall I?

I have a brand new laptop, awsome as all get out and i Love it dearly and rely on it to work efficiently at all times. This hasnt been a problem until about 11am this morning. I pull it out of my bag, and start it up an now low and behold, nearly every program i try to run gives me a nice little error. The program failed to start because its side by side configuration file is inccorect. This is not limited to games like most of the internet post seem to point too. as a matter of fact there are no games installed on this machine except for the ones that gateway puts on them from the factory. This error shows up on media player, Internet explorer, outlook, an about everything else that is a 32 bit applicaiton. The reason i say 32 bit application is becasue it seems to be isolated to only programs that run in the "X86" directory. I am puzzled by this one an thought that maybe you guru's out there could give me some advice. I would rather not have to dump the thing, but i do understand that it may come down to that. But i figured i'd ask around first.


The Router