So, well, been a little bit since I posted, working and college takes a lot out of me.

Anyway, I recently saw a poll of the best countries to live in, best quality of life, and so and so.

Denmark was number one, Colombia was number two.

This got me thinking.

Now I'm an American. I don't think that I am a stereotypical American, I've traveled extensively in my younger days, been to Canada, all over the US(lived all over the US too), Europe, and some incredible Central American countries and some horrible ones. All I have really heard about Colombia was that it was not a good place to be because of the drug war and all that. Obviously that isn't true.

So out of curiosity, and in the interests of getting past stereotypes, tell me about your area or country and what it's like to live in. I live on the Pacific Northwest. It is beautiful albeit a little isolated, But it's a great place to live. The tech jobs are scarce but hte one I have is awesome. Our schools are good and nurturing, the kids I have are learning a whole lot of great things for their age.

I am fat, but I don't eat fast food(I wanted to throw that in to make sure it is known that I am not the image of a stereo typical fat American eating McDonald's). Just work 45-50 hours a weeks and take 12-13 units of college a term, so I actually have to make time for exercise. Just don't get the exercise I should.

Anyway, it's a little tough as far as housing cost and all, but all in all I have a great life and I am happy. But we were also talking at dinner about moving and possibly a new country in the next few years. So what is it like where you live?


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