It has been about two years since my last garage clearance. This one is smaller because I have tried to be choosier about what books I get in the first place.

I am offering them up at a deeper discount to my Antionline buddies first before I list them on

The books listed below are available for half off of the retail price (listed next to the book) plus shipping costs (TBD). Contact me if you are interested. First paid, first served. Paypal preferred.

* Facebook Era ($24.99)
* Trixbox CE 2.6 ($44.99)
* Gray Hat Python ($49.99)
* Cisco Routers for the Desperate-2nd ed ($24.95)
* Chained Exploits ($49.99)
* CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide-4th ed ($79.99)
* Hacking Exposed-6th ed ($49.99)
* Complete Guide to Windows Server 2008 ($59.99)
* IPv6 Security ($60.00)
* Gray Hat Hacking-2nd ed ($49.99)
* Windows Server 2008 Resource Kit ($249.99)

Note- if the Windows Server 2008 Resource Kit doesn't sell in a timely manner as a unit, I will consider breaking it up and selling the individual books.