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    Facebook Security

    I came across this article about Facebook's "security"


    It is rather amusing, particularly the responses.

    Warning! contains "colourful" language

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    Thereís another probem, too. Facebook, when it does react, isnít pro-active enough ó particularly when it comes to communicating to its broad user base about whatís going on.

    A pretty open "threats" page. Name another site that openly announces the threats they face by name. Also see the blog during phishing attacks.

    One of the two people I cited above forwarded me an extensive email about phishing that he got from Facebook only after his account was hacked.
    I guess then Facebook should send you an extensive email before you get phished. Maybe they should also tell you what stocks you should be investing in as well as some horses to bid on.

    In addition to this, Facebook needs to post security alert information right on the log-in page not only to protect users, but to make Facebook somewhat self-policing
    A great idea that phishing sites will mimic as well.

    Someone who gets phished and then finds their account sending spam should expect should assume a pretty shitty experience at the minimum.
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