There are Island areas here in Michigan too. My cousin went up to one of them a few years ago, and I personally had no idea there were still remote areas like this with people living on them here in Michigan. Apparently if someone gets hurt there, they have to fly them out to the main land of the state because it's very small, very remote (You have to take a large ship / boat, to get there, and the signs all warn about going slow because of the roads being hard to drive on).

So I can sort of understand that. What concerned me, was you're saying the temp control. If you do have issues with keeping the rooms these are stored in cool, or can't really get AC in them, that alone is probably not exactly helping with these hardware issues. Heat can do many things to Computers. I'd be a little worried about servers in a hot room without some form of AC.

I'm not sure about fixing a hard drive, as I'm not to great with hardware, and from what I understand, it's something that needs a "clean room" with special air filters and other things I can't imagine working in... But heat can kill hardware. Hard Drives that aren't cooled in some form, or stored in a hot room for too long, will eventually die.

Do you have good cooling on the machines? Or, those little hard drive coolers maybe? (I'm not sure what type of server you've got other than HP, but I know there are little fans you can get for hard drives to keep them from overheating to much).

Anyway, it sounds like to me that you were put in a situation that's really hard to fix without tech support people, and if the temp problems are as you said, I'm not really sure what else you'd be able to do.