Hey, I just finished setting up an installation of Groundwork Community Edition.


So far I am very impressed.

You can download a virtual appliance, or the package... I downloaded the appliance, converted it, and loaded it into ESXi.

If you get the appliance, it is set on top of CentOS, and has just about everything preconfigured. It has Nagios integrated with it, and is very user-friendly. You can set it to email/page/SMS you if hosts/services go down, or critical. I feel like I am making a sales pitch here, but I was so enthused with the ease of setup/configuration that I thought I should let my fellow AOers know about it, if they didn't already.

I found a few posts mentioning Nagios, but nothing about groundworks. Try it out. It recommends about 2GB RAM, I can't remember the CPU recommendations...

If you do get it, make sure to get the PDF. There are 4 default passwords that you should change if you put it into production.

I would recommend at least taking a look at it. It seems like it is put together very well. Best of all, it is free!