We had a few people come in last week to our repair shop with the same malware. The malware was called Security (something) and on the same machines, conflicker was found. This malware would block any programs from running, reporting that it was infected and would prompt to download AV software. At any rate, I wanted to present the resolution I found.

Pretty much run quickkill and combofix. Because there was a brief delay before a program would be killed by the malware I found that if I ran quickkill and hit "Y" really fast it was enough time to kill the process. I later discovered that there is a script to auto confirm quickkill when launched. That's my story. I know it's simple and many of the brains here would have figured this out on their own, but I hope this helps someone else out.

For batch scripting, a "-q" parameter will supress this warning and just autokill. Run the program with a "-?" for the other option (exemption file override).