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Thread: Windows and lack of Email and Media clients

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    Hotmail, well, I hate it. I don't like the idea of having to stare at ads and Spam all day, and I get more Spam in my Hotmail then any other account. I report each one to Hotmail to try and help solve that, but it still gets loaded with Spam.
    Um... my account with them automaticly sets everything to junk unless it's from a contact. As for ads... compaired to what? Seen AO lately? I mean, just look at this bullshit!

    and it's what I use to make all of my music.
    Anything and everything that edits sound sucks compared to Audacity. It's the truth.

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    Personally, I never really liked Windows Live Mail. Not sure what it is about it but it just bothers me. My choice for mail is Mozilla Thunderbird, it lacks a couple of functions that I wish came built in such as start-up with Windows and dock to tray on minimize but nothing that can't be fixed with a couple of add-ons. It's fast loading and easy to use. Granted I haven't experimented with much other clients.

    For media, I've used Winamp for close to 10 years or something to the sort. I've never really been a fan of outfitting my Winamp with useless skins and I've kept the classic skin (and more recently the new modern skin which works just as well) as I feel it takes up the least memory and works the best for me. I like the equalizer it has and it doesn't take ages to load. I also enjoy the use of hotkeys so I don't have to use my mouse to change a song (always a plus) or put the volume up, etc. iTunes allows me to do this with the keys on my laptop above my keyboard but ONLY if iTunes is the active window which I don't like because I usually listen to music while doing another task. I've also grown used to the ability to neatly organize playlists and the ease of loading folders into the playlist. I've never really used/liked Winamp to play videos however I leave that exclusively to VLC.

    I'm not a fan of iTunes, I use iTunes just to load my ipod with music and nothing else. I'm not sure what it is I don't like about it but irks me beyond belief (hence why I last months without updating my ipod). Hope this helps.

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    Unless you're infected like a 3 dollar hooker that let's you bareback it (Which I highly doubt because you aren't an idiot) than you must be smoking the Leftover Crack because AO has one ad at the very top, and I see 1 and a half on the very bottom where no one looks anyway.

    Hotmail on the other hand, I've seen up to 7 on a single page, to the point it was actually annoying. Almost like Yahoo! ads where you have one so big right in the middle of the page that it just isn't worth unlimited account space.

    And come on, you KNOW I have Audacity

    Raion; Name sounds like a carpet cleaner product doesn't it? "All new Raion, for those protein stains that just won't come out!".. lol.

    Thunderbird is OK as I said, but if you want features, Novell is hard to beat. They have a bunch.

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    Ads on AO... never was aware.

    Isn't hushmail still around?
    Only trust Pipe-smoking Penguins.

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