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    WHO 'declares swine flu as pandemic'

    I'm sure in areas where there is presence of the virus, BCP plans must be activated. There are going to be times when critical systems are going to be in hands of skeleton staff and availability would be hit in case of NNOC is staff is on leave.

    I am not sure of the measures or procedures (if any) that your company might have to work with restricted resources. But it's surely time to consider for the same.

    I hope and wish for best of health of everyone here. People from Australia, Chine, Japan and UK where the cases are on RISE must (please) take extra care.

    Please take care and be safe.


    For consolidated information on the swine flu -


    Once again, please take care and be safe.
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    One of the reasons why the numbers rise then lower is because most are later found out to be normal flu related deaths. Meanwhile, it pretty much lost public interest all across this continent months ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The-Spec View Post
    One of the reasons why the numbers rise then lower is because most are later found out to be normal flu related deaths. Meanwhile, it pretty much lost public interest all across this continent months ago.
    Although the incidence of influenza can vary widely between years, approximately 36,000 deaths and more than 200,000 hospitalizations are directly associated with influenza every year in the United States.
    All this panic is ridiculous, thousands die every year from your run of the mill influenza virus. A couple hundred die [is it even that many?] over a period of a few months from H1N1, and people think the world is coming to an end.
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    You should have seen the media around here. A week or two after it wasn't on the new much anymore, Fox news was STILL talking about it.

    The weird thing is that last year's strain of the normal Flu, didn't respond to antiviral drugs, and the H1n1 does respond to it, which was weird, because they made it out to be almost a death sentence, yet it was treatable and, at least here, in Michigan, the first few cases seen, the Doctors were just sending people home to get rest.

    It wouldn't be half the problem it was even then if people weren't so damned stupid and going out into public sick, spreading it all over.

    I hate it when I see people out in stores coughing and sneezing all over, touching stuff, putting germs everywhere, and infecting more people. Humans themselves sometimes act like automation for viruses and crap because they don't wash their hands, cough on stuff, touch things, and some don't even seem to realize it.

    I remember one time a few years ago, my cousin came over with a sore throat. He was coughing all over my keyboards, coughing on me, and when I said "DUDE! Stop it ! I don't want to get sick!" and he was like "Ummm, you can't catch this from coughing and breathing on you!" and I was like are you kidding? You can't be that dumb and still know how to read.... How do you think it spreads?

    Two days later he came over again and I was sick as a dog. I hit him.

    My cousin isn't normally stupid. He's a good guy deep down who I care about, and we're really close. My family is sometimes split up into factions of who gets along and who doesn't. This one is like a brother to me, and he is pretty smart with some things. He's decent on a computer now, and he's good with sports, and is a Math Whiz. But he didn't know how easy it was to spread a viral infection.

    People who are sick, or feeling sick, are probably the reason we get outbreaks in the first place. I want my OWN country, anyone who starts feeling sick and goes into public, pays the medical bills for EVERYONE who catches it that whole year, or gets shot.

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    The main remarkable feature of this strain is that it is spreading outside of the influenza season in the Northern Hemisphere. That, coupled with the fact that it seems to target the working age group, may require business continuity plans to be revisited.

    As for the WHO "pandemic" that doesn't really mean very much other than number of cases and number of countries. Where it does have an impact is it causes a rethink of the inoculation strategy. So, if an older strain turns up in the season, the new vaccine will be pretty much useless. On the other hand, if the new strain returns after becoming more potent, the old vaccines will be useless as well.

    This is a gamble the WHO and regional health organisations play out every year.

    thousands die every year from your run of the mill influenza virus.
    most are later found out to be normal flu related deaths.
    Not quite, as there is no standard influenza virus.............it mutates.

    What I think you are referring to is the fact that there are quite a few viruses that have 'flu like symptoms and produce a respiratory tract infection that may develop fatal complications (quite frequently pneumonia).

    The COD will be pneumonia, and I don't think that anyone really bothers to verify the exact strain of virus that brought it on. Natural causes...........no suspicious circumstances..........."influenza" will do......???

    Incidentally, this isn't "swine flu". Since 1958 there have only been around 50 recorded cases of humans catching proper swine flu.

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