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    China at risk due to gov't software?

    Looks like there are a few problems with China's required software:

    "We found a series of software flaws," explained Isaac Mao, a blogger and social entrepreneur in China, as well as a research fellow at Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet and Society.

    For example, he said, tests had shown that communications between the software and the servers at the company that developed the program were unencrypted.
    The government may be keen to shut down discussion to quell rumours that the system could be used to monitor its citizens.

    "Once you've got government-mandated software installed on each machine, the software has the keys to the kingdom - anything can be logged or affected," said Professor Jonathan Zittrain, also of Harvard's Berkman Center.
    Article here - http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/8094026.stm
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    It's the old story...............mandated software in a market the size of China is just like monopolistic software............the low hanging fruit that everyone goes after.

    To be totally blunt, I have yet to see any software from China that looked like quality, so they are probably making a rod for their own backs.


    It seems like the problem has been noticed:

    China has ordered software producers to create security patches following reports that its controversial new internet filtering system could allow remote monitoring and control of users' computers, and the stealing of personal information, state media said Monday.

    'The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology told us to make the software safer after a series of security vulnerabilities were found,' the official China Daily quoted Zhang Chenmin, manager of Jinhui Computer System Engineering, as saying.
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    What bugs me mostly about the Chinese is that they are always hacking into people's computers and stealing their files.

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    Its probably a bit more complex than that.

    The problem with China seems to be that it has a disproportionate number of compromised machines. That doesn't mean to say that they are actually Chinese controlled.

    Part of this is doubtless due to sloppy security, with a contribution from a high percentage of pirated and unpatched software.


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    This is getting farcical

    Solid Oak (Cybersitter) have issued cease and desist notices to the major PC manufacturers claiming that Green Dam violates their copyrights.



    And Sony (of all people!) have chosen to ignore it.............this could get interesting?

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