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    D-LINK DS-510S D-VIEW 5.1 Standard Edition Management Software Standard

    Please I need to free downloading link for this Network Management System or a free links to similar software.

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    doesnt look like there is a free version

    oh wait http://lmgtfy.com/


    PS...tanks Dino xoxoxox
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    lmao! Thanks for the chuckle. I need it this week.
    In God We Trust....Everything else we backup.

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    Or take a look here:


    Otherwise use this search phrase:

    "open source network management software"

    That should find you most no charge applications

    Unless you are looking for shareware please avoid the phrase "free download". It generally means just that.....................the download is free but the software isn't.

    The problem with Google and the like is they work best if you have English as your first language.

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