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    Windows Linux Multi Media Studio

    For those of you interested in making music yourself, you'll probably be interested in the fact that the newest version of LMMS (Linux Multi Media Studio) for Windows, actually works very well! I've had a chance to test it myself, which, before, it didn't work to well, but the newer version is actually working.

    I tested it on XP Home with all updates installed, and it worked great. LMMS is totally free to download and install, there aren't any stupid "Register now" things in it, and it doesn't annoy you saying you can't use certain features without paying. It's totally free!

    So, if you have Windows, Linux, or BSD, check it out. It works good, and I use it exclusively to make all of my own music:


    all of that was made in LMMS

    Also, remember once you have the hang of how LMMS works, you can open each sound into the Piano Roller to change the tones being played, and then close that window, and then, you have that totally custom sounding sound you can add to whatever you're playing with.

    I highly recommend it. And it doesn't cost a thing. It's supposedly made to be similar to Fruityloops, or something like that, but I'm not sure because I don't have that, but I can tell you LMMS is a great tool to make your own music, and now that the Windows port works, you can use it without having to use Linux or BSD as well.





    That should get you started.


    Supposedly it already works on Windows 7 too, so here you go:


    Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7 ^
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    Does it have Auto Tune?
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    Not sure, I don't use that in what I do. You can check though, it should either be listed in features, or you could check into it too.

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    ahhhh...great alternative to Fruity Loops.
    .sig na ture.

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    Yea it's supposed to be like Fruity Loops, but since I don't have that I couldn't make a comparison. But it's a nice app

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