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    Angelic try leaving the side of the case of and see if that helps. Also are you using the stock fan that comes with the card? Maybe get yourself a diff fan for the card and see if that helps also.

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    I figured the card was running hot, which is why I said to check that first

    It's amazing how much heat one video card can pump out in a few short hours without anything intensive happening inside.

    I had this idea a few years ago when smaller fridges started being cheap that I still want to try:

    I want to gut the fridge, and build a Motherboard inside it and basically use the fridge as the PC case, and hook up a really good heat sink with decent thermal paste on it and a great fan, and then of course have all the extras like HD cooler things you can buy cheap, and a couple exhaust fans and a decent Power supply with extra cooling, and then, of course, the fact that it's a fridge would probably make it run VERY well, but you'd have to watch out for moisture, so something to dry the air would probably be needed which can be done easy.

    When I first thought this up a few years ago, I decided to call it "PC-Chillin" like the Anti Virus no one uses.

    I'm a cooling freak when it comes to PCs, I run my server with the side case off and a desk fan on the floor next to it to blow the extra air away from it and create a small but strong draft near that computer and my other machine so that there is air flow between the two cases, and then it blows all the hot air the machines blow out from their exhaust fans away from it to keep them extra cool.

    Another idea I'd like is using liquid nitrogen but I don't think that would quite work as well, but at the same time, being that an Uncle is a professional Air Conditioning guy and I know how they use it, I'd probably be able to do it if I made it into an Air Conditioning using, but I'd want a smaller sized one I could whack into the side of a case and mount it. Thatb would probably help too.

    If all else fails use water cooling.

    Our tech room in our house, has the one window totally shut and blocked off with thick curtains, and the Central Air outlet is right next to where I have the fan that blows air to my Computers down there, and then we have an air filtration unit near the middle to get the air flow not only going, but lower the dust content of the air, and then of course the machines all have Fans and things and the ones that run warm have no side case on them, and on top of that, we have a stand up Fan most people use in a room to keep themselves cool, aiming out the door of the tech room so all the air in here is somewhat cleaner, cooler because of the blower on the Central Air outlet, and of course any warmer air that happens to be in here, is blown out by the stand up fan which is left on full blast 24/7 to make sure it stays cool in here.

    My Wife, usually has a hoodie on in here because of how cool it is, but I like it being a little colder in here.

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    When I have a computer heating up I just open it and take a vacume to it.

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    ^^ What spec said.

    I dont have a pickture in front of me but I am presuming that the card is fairly huge! Make sure you dont have any expansion cards blocking the FAN on the actual card and also the wiring.

    I once had a Nvidia crap out on me due to overheating.

    Let us know :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by The-Spec View Post
    When I have a computer heating up I just open it and take a vacume to it.
    Quote Originally Posted by AngelicKnight View Post
    I opened the case, used the compressed air, but noted in doing so there really wasn't much dust in the first place.

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    You can't blow lint wads and cat fur out of the fan's encaseing. It usually needs to be phisically pulled out by sticking the hose right up agianst the fan... or opened up to grab a baseball sized dust bunny.

    Revert everything back to a certian date if you've done updates before it started messing up. On that note, you should use the original drivers that came on install rather than an updated version.

    One thing that almost no one thinks of is DRM hooking into graphics libraries as an attempt to thwart aimbots and autoIT macros.
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    Yeah, this particular card doesn't even have it's own fan, so I think it's time to invest in one. Checked it again this morning, and just run the desktop idle with no game running has it running hot. And yeah, the card's huge.

    I like the idea of keeping the case open with a desk fan nearby. I may try that while I'm here with it, but otherwise, we have cats...'nuff said.

    Thanks all for the advice! I'm going to try a few suggestions and let you know what I find.

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    Just an update -- Ever since I started running it with the case open and a fan blowing on it, no freezes. Haven't tried running anything as heavy as Crysis on it again yet, but my Sims 3 problems promptly ceased.

    Eventually I'll stop being cheap and install another fan.

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