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    No patch yet? FIX it!

    Hey guys,

    Read an article about some code in IE being exploited and no patch.

    Here is one of these "Fix it " things.



    Original Article

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    Thanks for the QuickFix links Cider,

    This is strange as MS say:

    Our investigation has shown that there are no by-design uses for this ActiveX Control in Internet Explorer which includes all of the Class Identifiers within the msvidctl.dll that hosts this ActiveX Control.

    So why is it there then?

    I think that it is rather scary that malware authors could actually find and create a use for something that MS don't even know what to do with

    I also noticed that Windows 2000 doesn't have a problem with it so I am guessing that it isn't used by IE6

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    We can merge my thread and this I guess..

    This is use of Directshow vulnerability


    Secunia is having more information about it now :


    Plus we can put this as an *HEADS UP* .. This is critical and is being actively exploited..
    Parth Maniar,

    *Thank you GOD*

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