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Thread: FTP, IIS 5.0 hack attemps

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    heavyfreak , forget what I said in my PM. I do not think I am the one to help.

    But I still think you should either remove the post with the rules in it, or at least obscure the IP addresses as in 12.233.x.x
    That is a common and accepted way to post such information publicly.

    I know, I am paranoid!

    But when I see things like
    Allow HTTPS [443] WAN1 Any ~ Always
    Allow FTP [21] WAN1 12.233.x.x ~ 12.233.x.x ~ Always
    and both the FTP and HTTP boxes are on your LAN, ..... I cringe. They belong in a DMZ.
    ( is 12.333.x.x your public IP address? If it is then any rules that follow with less priority to deny access are useless! )

    IMHO, I really think you need to sit down with someone proficient in network design and security, tell them what you have, what you need, and let them set things up for you from scratch!

    Maybe dinowuff is available for hire?
    " And maddest of all, to see life as it is and not as it should be" --Miguel Cervantes

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    I though I had did that already!

    I thank you fellahs for your time and quick responses! I'm going to look into DMZ and go that route. Worse case, keep an eye out for my

    HELP DMZ setup now nothings working!!! post. Ha!

    thanks again guys!

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