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    You've seen this before but I can't find it...

    Hi all,

    I know there must be 100 threads on this topic already but I really can't find them and I've been doing lots of junk on the slow computer today already and I'm too tired to do a search and I can't seem to see the threads very well and a lot of other very legitimate excuses for not finding the answer which has surely been posted here already.

    Anyway, it's about virus on the flash drive. I've got a sony 2gb drive that is infected. I can't see the files that I really need. This has been happening for several months now and I've just tolerated it because I CAN see the files if I go to the control panel and click to "show hidden files".

    However, several days ago I forgot my drive at the internet shop I usually use and the next day there was heaps of virus loaded junk on it. Now I can't see my very important files at all, though I know they are still there because when I run a virus scan I can see the files are being scanned. I just can't open them. Even when I do a search of the drive, the files don't show up and I didn't back up the files! (my screen name in real life is stupid_dummy_head, btw)

    I'm currently downloading avira antivirus program or whatever it's called, but it's taking forever and I don't think it will work anyway (it's downloading at 5.3kbs right now yeah I am in Kenya so no broad band!). I've tried running online scans and kaspersky scans at the internet shop but it says I'm "clean". However, the scan did clean over 100 instances at first!

    I really don't want to have to format the drive...

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    If it were me I would grab a copy of knoppix and copy the files you need off the infected drive onto one you know to be virus free.

    Perhaps someone at the internet shop can help you with this?

    knoppix is a version of Linux that will read windows files. It is not exactly user friendly if you have never used *nix

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    I am not sure if your machine is infected too, but you can download Kaspersky (trial version) and update it then connect the pen drive to the machine and scan it. It will remove any malware (if present).

    Use DOS to see if those files are listed, if yes just use DOS to copy the files.

    If you still can't see them you can use live CD as suggested by Dinowuff.. I think you can use any liveCD .. Ubuntu or something may help too..
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    This utility may help:


    It will copy everything so be sure to scan for viruses afterwards

    This might clean your flash drive:


    You might also try unchecking "Hide Protected Operating System Files" in your folder options.

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