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    Smile SPIMMING?

    I came across this term, which is a new one on me..............spamming via instant messaging.

    Apparently Microsoft are suing an outfit called Funmobile over abuse of their Live Messenger.

    I guess people are not so wary about instant messages they think have come from someone they know?

    The suit alleges that Funmobile used instant-messaging spam, known as “spim,” to direct people to websites that deceived them into turning over their Windows Live Messenger login information and passwords. According to the Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) suit, Funmobile then used those logins to break into accounts and send more spim.
    Basically by harvesting their address book/contacts list.

    Windows Live users should "never disclose their Windows Live ID and password to a third party other than Microsoft," Cranton said.
    Trouble is that the bad guys are pretty good and some of these fake sites look very convincing.
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