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    Shady PC Repair Shops

    Saw this on Slashdot... thought it was pretty interesting.

    nihil? - You wouldn't know anything about this would you?

    When Sky News launched an undercover investigation into PC repair shops, it turned to PC Pro readers for help with identifying rogue traders. As a result, Sky's cameras caught technicians scouring through private photos, stealing passwords and over-charging for basic repairs.
    The exercise was simple. Create a simple fault on a laptop, load it with spy software, take it into several repair shops, then sit back and see what happened. Would they arrive at the same diagnosis and charge us a fair price to fix it?
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    Interesting article.

    I always figured it had the potential to be a shady business and I've heard the stories from geek squad tech (best buy) about what goes on, but I'm a bit suprised to see the across the board consistency for ripping people off and invading privacy.

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    Zorolord;949588]Nihil cannot commment at the moment as he currently been detained At Her Majesty's pleasure http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/At_Her_...7;27s_Pleasure

    It doesn't suprise this sort of behaviour exists it's too temping for these smalls shop to gain etc revenue. Also how to do you think paedophiles and other criminals are caught, they don't clear the hard drive which is a good thing (and someone goes around snopping), and then get put away like Gary Queer Glitter.

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    this is been going on with car repair for ages. The only difference is less dirt under their fingernails

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    Ask Gary Glitter.................your rockstar idol................................... he of the chest wigs and bling?

    Too many talentless wankers who only have a hammer as a tool, so see every problem as a nail.

    I would never go to those crapshops like PC World or Geeks are us.............better trash the piece of garbage and buy new kit?

    If it isn't under warranty, either take it to someone who has personal recommendations or ditch it on e-bay...........plenty of suckers there .......including you

    If you go to someone whose time is his money, you have a chance..............the others are just a waste of space.

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