It feels good to be back in AO after so long, but I have a bit of a problem.. Actually, two.

I knew I could count on you all for some help.

Okay, one of my laptops was working fine and it was charging, same outlet.. Then I turned it off and went upstairs, I came back.. Tried to turn it on and it wouldn't, And here's an even weirder part.. I pressed the power button and nothing turned on, no charge light no nothing plugged it back in, same thing.

Second laptop I turned it off and when I turned it back on.. I heard like a screeching or grinding type of sound.. And i'm unable to explain it, I blew on the fans and still it went on o.o; So i'm leaving it off for now.

And I came to you all for help, since if I went to an 'Electronic Store' i'd be charged per hour for labor and well, less then 90% support.