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Thread: Fake Antivirus

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    Fake Antivirus

    I have posted on the fake AV issue before, and now there is a new report due on the subject. [Hey, Cider............doesn't Luis talk to you? guess he doesn't like SA wine?]


    It is getting to be a very popular scam.............problem is that a lot of the stuff isn't just a fraud.... it loads backdoors and stuff

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    I was looking for some Samoan hot sauce the other day, and actually had a page come up on my iPod Touch, that scanned the "C:\" and reported that I had several instances of malware on it.

    Here are some screenshots I took:
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    yeah...I know many people duped by this fake av....telling them they have 2300+ files infected....then the POS pops up continuosly telling them they are infected.


    www.Malwarebytes.org usually cleans them up good

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    Nihil, the guys in Pandalabs never leave their bunker. Us technical guys never understand them when we speak to them. They speak an alien language.

    They never sign their mails :P

    But yeah , they are doing brilliant work in terms of fighting malware.
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