My ears are still ringing, and it's been 29 hours. Why? Because I was in Detroit. Why? Because the BEST BAND EVER EVER EVER EVER was playing at Harpos in Detroit. The Misfits.

I've seen The Misfits in Detroit at Harpos twice now, and they STILL make me tingle. I went with my Wife, who has seen them once before too, and my Cousin, who's favorite band ever, like mine, is, The Misfits. He'd never been to any concert before except for crap local bands in a small venue that my house is bigger than, so he had no idea what he was in for.

He thought the 7 (Yes, Seven) opening bands Harpos shoved down our throats were loud. I laughed. Even my Wife had no idea how loud they play in Detroit. To put it mildly, the can of Monster I was drinking, was popping. The Concrete Floors and walls around us, were BENDING... Your teeth with hurt, and you get dizzy, it's THAT loud.

From what I know and from people I've talked to, they don't play this loud anywhere else. In other places they are loud, but NOT this loud.

After watching bands on two stages playing for hours on end wondering when one of them would finally give up so the next idiot circus could pop out on stage, whine, talk about themselves, and finally shut up so the band I came for would come on, the band in the back stage started playing.

Everyone seemed to notice the Mics on the main stage were being changed, and that it was a Skeleton with a Mic built into it was put out there. I know that's Jerry Only's Microphone. Everyone else seemed to know too for the most part.

My Cousin, who thought the other bands were loud, almost fell down, when they did a quick sound check by hitting one drum on Robo's Drum Kit, and you couldn't hear the band in the back playing anymore becaus it was at least 5 times louder.

Once that happened, the band in the back not only wasn't being heard, they weren't being paid attention to either. We knew who was finally getting on stage. They played one final song to the bartender stuck at one of the 5 bars inside this place, and they were probably only there because they HAD to be. Everyone else started filling the floor beneath the stage where the Mosh Pit is.

A final sound check and everything went dark.

The Theme from Halloween (The Michael Myers movie) started up loud as crap. I mean LOUD. My cousin was almost in some form of shock it seemed, because, really, where else are you going to hear it loud enough that you can hear it not only clearly, but still loud, with your ears totally plugged?

Then smoke started coming from the curtain that had covered half the main stage all night. The curtain came down, and the stage set up for The Misfits was shown, as was Robo and Dez Cadena from Black Flag. Then....Jerry Only walks out on stage, the crowd goes APE **** insane, and the theme from Halloween turns into the song Halloween, and it's so loud that it made me dizzy and I felt pressure all over from the sound being THAT loud.

to give you an idea:

My Wife tried to say something while they played. In a loud club, you walk up, and talk into an ear and they can sort of hear you. My Wife SCREAMED into my ear, and I STILL couldn't hear what She said.

That loud.

They played a bunch of songs and kept going, and MAN it was great.

Seeing your favorite band in the whole wide World EVER playing loud as **** for an hour and a half straight, is breath taking. That's putting it Mildly.

There weren't really any fights this year which is weird, because normally you'll see idiot skinheads starting fights and getting their heads kicked in by everyone else, and so I'm guessing they all got tired of getting the idiot beat out of them every time they show up.

My cousin looked like he was about to wet himself. This is our favorite band EVER and they're so loud you can't hear a thing.

At one point I plugged my ears as hard as I could, and I was able to STILL hear EVERYTHING not only clearly, but REALLY loud STILL.

And then of course, seeing them play, is amazing in and of itself. I don't think to many people could be serious and actually say they suck. I don't know anyone who doesn't like at LEAST one song. They changed music, invented Horror Punk, and were the first band out there to take good music, and mix it PROPERLY with Horror Movie elements.

I've even seen those sissies from Backstreet Boys with Misfits gear on.... That should give you some idea of how many people are into them.

Anyway, I just wanted to post and see if anyone else saw them, and if anyone is going to see them, and if anyone has seen them.

They're coming back to Detroit, at Harpos, in October. I'll most likely be there again.

Here is some of what I saw, even though I don't have a clue how this guy got good sound like this since it was so loud..... But anyway, I was standing next to him for most of it, and saw the camera, and was quite shocked when I searched earlier to see if anyone recorded it, or uploaded it after seeing him recording: - Rise Above. Black Flag Song - Dig up her Bones - The Misfits - DIE DIE MY DARLING! - The Misfits.

Watching a 70 year old dude yet again at the show screaming at the top of his lungs, makes me wonder how I'll look if I live that long lol.

I'm currently sitting here in my brand new from the show Misfits tee shirt my Wife bought me. It's comfy, and it was 10 times cheaper than any store would sell it for.

I HIGHLY recommend going to see them play. It's REALLY great.

Anyway I know there are some Punk Fans here, I know there are some Misfits fans here. So watch the videos, and enjoy, I know I did watching it live when it was being filmed.