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    Wifi Cracking.

    Alright I know this is a *very* lame question.. But with exams out of the way and CISM around 4 months away I have some time on my hand to play around.. I always wanted to do wifi cracking (for good reason's or rather for reason's of learning) anyway.. I got a syngress book (its been on the shelf for 2 years now) .. It's pretty old though.. You get books in India around an year after being released in the US.

    Anyway moving on.. I want a start off tip(s).. Mainly any book that you might suggest will help me on my journey for next month or so..

    Also I read few pages and saw the fact that there is a need to purchase an pcmcia or pcmcia express wifi card with hermes chipset (don't call it ignorance, i read few pages on my way back and wanted to get some opinions on the way too).. Is this true ? I mean I cannot carry on pentest or my learning activities with a inbuilt wifi card ?

    That question above proves my knowledge about penetrating a wifi network

    I'm planning to use VMware and backtrack to do my work.. So any start off help will be appreciated ..

    Book i've got is :

    WarDriving: Drive, Detect, Defend, A Guide to Wireless Security .. It's really old 5 years now..
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