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    Tracking Application USage


    I am wondering if anyone knows of any freeware application usage tracking software,
    similiar to 'ManicTime' for WinXP. I could not get ManicTime to install for some reason.

    Is there any free ones similar?


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    What OS do you need it for?

    I was able to install the "ManicTime" in XP.. and if you need something similar for a *nix box then give this a try>


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    I could not get ManicTime to install for some reason.
    Try downloading v1.2.1 (August 2009) from the Manic Time website. It should be 4934Kb.

    Disconnect from the internet and turn off your AV and firewall, then try to install it.

    I would suggest that you get CCleaner and run that first, as a failed install can leave a lot of rubbish lying about.

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