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    Ubuntu - Web Usage - Wireless

    I have a wireless broadband dongle that in Windows can show me the usage, so I can
    keep track and not go over the limit.

    Is there something similiar I can use for Ubuntu 9.04 to do the same?


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    Re: Usage Monitor in Ubuntu

    I haven't really looked into this. But, you may be able to install something like Networx through Wine. It tracks all sorts of information, and you can easily see it in the graph or in their Usage Statistics page.


    Hope this helps.

    Have a great weekend

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    If all else fails, get an Abacus and open IPTraf and count packets

    In all seriousness that would work but you'd probably go crazy trying. Go with the networx thing.

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    You don't say if you already have, but I would suggest your first step should be to contact your ISP and see if there is a plugin or upgrade that will support Linux.

    I guess the question is where the data are being stored: on the dongle or on the host PC, and what is actually doing the updating?

    You don't say, so I am assuming:

    1. You want to use this dongle on multiple platforms.
    2. You would like a cumulative report of all usage over time.

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    Read through this article: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ho...tTrafficTotals

    ipac-ng does a great job, but you'd have to modify iptables to filter out LAN traffic for this app.

    Alternatively you could use vnstat.

    Also look into untangle and opendns.com. The latter provides several useful services aside from simple monitoring and it's free.

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    IPcop with Xtra Graphs.

    You'll need another computer tho.

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