Adobe CS3 Flash installation Error
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    Adobe CS3 Flash installation Error

    Hi AO's

    I downloaded adobe CS3 Flash Proffessional trail Version.

    at the time of installation it extracted the whole package without any errors later while runnint the setup file it say initializing but just after 2 to 3 seconds it give me a error check the screen shot (SetupError.jpg) i already have CS4 flash installed in my computer.

    i have uninstalled Shock ware player, flv player. from the comp

    i am not able to understand what can give such a error it says it has some downloading errors but it got installed on the laptop of my friend very easily can you guyz help me to fix this problem

    i am also attaching the computer config

    please help guyz i am learning action scripting and CS3 is more compactible with action scripting

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