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    Button Firefox

    I often use Firefox, a great browser, and sometimes go to Tools - Options - Security - saved password to read and erase the passwords for the sites that I visit.
    Do you know if there is a way to shorten this path, maybe insert something in the toolbar to speed up this task?
    Thank you

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    Go back in options and configure it to delete cookies and passwords when it's closed. Whenever you close Firefox after that it will pop up with a check boxed looking window for things you can delete every time it's closed.

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    As gore says:

    Tools > Options > Privacy(tab) > Private Data > Settings


    Security(tab) > Passwords

    Either clear the remember passwords box so it wont save any of them, or use the "Exceptions" option to enter sites you don't want it to remember the password for.


    The keyboard shortcut is control+shift+delete That will delete the private data you have selected in "settings".
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