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    [quote=dinowuff;951432]I used to be a 15 year old cheerleader, but my mom kicked me out of her basement when I turned 35.

    I wasn't thinking about stalking, more along the lines of the OP being a young school kid trying to bypass school filters.

    I guess cached Google pages may work. Or get a free dial up account (If they even exist) or ... Unplug your cable modem for a few days, might get you a new ip. All sorts of stuff.

    Now if the OP is a stalker, I don't understand why he/she is using a personal computer. Library's are way better for staying anonymous.[/quote

    if they have a dynamic ip they can use dhcp ip forcer or ip config as well ,my brain aint working i dont think websites block mac addresses but if they do there are tools to change the mac address but word of caution if done improperly there can be nasty side effects ,be sure to write down.back up the original mac address somewhere safe
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