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Thread: Maddest looking PC case

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    Maddest looking PC case

    I am hoping to build my own PC for the very first time at the end of the year. What is the maddest, most gangsta looking PC case money can buy?


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    The most Gangsta case is a coffin. I live by Detroit, that's "gangsta".

    I did design a case myself one; You get that clear crap for cases, and a carving tool, and make a Pumpkin case. You put Orange "Cold Cathode" tubes in the bottom, and then get the top done and put the green ones up there and it glows like a Pumpkin. Looks good and the oddness shape and big case you need make sure it runs cool without much heat.

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    I like the one that looks like a treasure chest... Aarrggh!
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    Some interesting stuff here:

    I personally like the toaster, but there are others.

    EDIT: Great find there CSR

    more here:
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