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Thread: Learning My Sql, PHP, JavaScripting , HTML, XHTML

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    Learning My Sql, PHP, JavaScripting , HTML, XHTML

    Hi AO's,

    How are you people....

    I wanted to learn Action Scripting My Sql, Php, Java Scripting, HTML, Xml,CSS,

    and Cold Fusion ---- Most of all DreamViewer Components

    One of the class offering me to learn DotNet Course

    and My services for web developing

    but i am really into a mixedup suggestions from different poeple

    I really want your suggestion because you people are the best for this question

    Please Help guy if you can provide me the right link also than also its fine

    Thanks a lot Frds

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    You never actually asked a question in your post though.

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    Yeah...I'm not sure what you're asking. I've found to be a great resource for learning web languages...perhaps this will help.

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    Sorry Guyz

    but i wanted to know more about dotNET

    because this is what the institute is offering me when i told them about what i want to learn

    Windows and Web Application Development Using the .NET Framework

    This course builds skills to develop console-based and windows-based applications using VC#.NET. The course discusses the implementation of Object-oriented concepts using C# language. In addition, this course introduces implementation of various programming concepts, such as threads, file handling, delegates, attributes, and reflection using C# language.
    Furthermore, this course also provides an understanding to develop and deploy Web applications using ASP.NET 2.0. This course covers adding and configuring server controls, master pages, themes, and Web parts. This course also covers data-access and security in Web applications
    Exit Profile...
    Module 1: Object Oriented Programming Using C#
    Explain features and phases of the object-oriented approach
    Write and execute C# programs
    Use decision-making constructs and loop constructs
    Implement structures, enumerations, arrays, and collections
    Implement polymorphism and overload functions and operators
    Explain and use delegates and events
    Use various stream classes to implement file handling
    Develop single and multithreaded applications
    Identify the components of the Visual Studio .NET Framework and Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

    Module 2: GUI Applications Development using .NET Framework
    Work with the Windows Forms and controls
    Perform validation of controls using classes and controls
    Work with Dialog Boxes, Menus and MDI Application
    Implement Printing and Reporting Functionality in a Windows Forms Application
    Implement Asynchronous programming
    Package, deploy, and secure applications

    Module 3: Developing Database Applications Using ADO.NET and XML
    Identify the need for XML as a standard data interchange format
    Create an XML schema
    Create a cascading style sheet and an Extensible Style Sheet Language Transformation (XSLT) to format data
    Use XPath pattern matching in a style sheet
    Create and manage connections using ADO.NET
    Identify the disconnected and connected environment in ADO.NET
    Create datasets and datatables
    Retrieve and store large binary data
    Perform bulk copy operations
    Execute SQL notification maintain and update a cache
    Manage distributed transactions
    Read, write, validate, and modify XML data using XML reader and writer classes
    Read, write, and modify XML data using DOM API

    Module 4: Developing Web applications Using ASP.NET 2.0
    Create a Web Application
    Program a Web Application
    Add and Configure Server Controls
    Create a Common Layout by Using Master Pages
    Manage State for a Web Application
    Access and Display Data
    Control Access to a Web Application
    Deploy a Web Application
    Make Web Applications Available to Mobile Devices
    Build Dynamic Web Applications
    Create Controls for Web Applications
    Optimize Web Application Performance
    Implement Personalization and Themes in Web Applications
    Build Web Part Pages and Web Parts

    The ability to interact in English in a classroom environment.
    Basic knowledge about the various parts of the computer and should know the basic difference between hardware and software.
    Ability to build flowcharts/ write pseudocodes. The student should be able to represent logic, sequence tasks for execution, and implement conditional operations and iteration.
    Write SQL statements
    Question is not "Why are you Online"
    Question is "Why are you Off line"

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