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Thread: PC Tools Firewall vs Comodo - Win7

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    PC Tools Firewall vs Comodo - Win7

    Hi all,

    I am using Windows 7 currently. What do you all think of PC Tools Firewall Plus, especially in comparison to Comodo for Windows 7?

    I have seen reviews/reports that Comodo was one of the better software based solutions for Windows, and the PC Tools Firewall looks a bit toyish.

    Just wondering if anyone has extensive knowledge of either?


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    I really don't trust any of the firewalls you mentioned.. Go for a all-in-one like kaspersky Internet security or symantec's products..

    If you're good at configuring a firewall and want to create lot of rules i would advise Agnitum's Outpost pro firewall (not their AV product)..
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    I've used Comodo on Vista and it was alright. The only real annoyance that I got was if I didn't put it in "Installation Mode" before I started an install, I ended up with a bunch of pop-ups requesting permission (even after selecting Installation Mode at some point later on). Although this wasn't on every app, it was enough to be annoying.

    I haven't tried it on Windows 7 yet, so I honestly can't tell you whether it works or not. During the Technical beta (at least the early stages) they didn't have a compatible version.

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    What do you all think of PC Tools Firewall Plus, especially in comparison to Comodo for Windows 7?
    I don't...............a software firewall for an OS that isn't even seriously marketed yet? what are you mate..............some sort of masochist?

    Nobody and their cat uses Windows 7 seriously yet, so what does it matter?

    When there is serious money there, you will see the contenders

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    I've been using Pc Tools firewall for over 2years now, it's a great lil firewall, easy to setup, configure and you can dive into advance mode and get your hands dirty if you want.

    There's ton's of features and is good with system resources, and you can set it to ask for your permission, or just set it so that it works silently in the background and not ask.

    also they were aquired by Mcafee a while back and since then i've noticed they have more regular updates coming in.

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    Thumbs down comobo farewall ?

    comodo firewall with windows 7 64 bit....has been a nightmare of BSOD and buggy drivers etc so heads up

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    Considering that for about the same price as a software firewall, you could get basically ANY router, which generally has a firewall, or the capabilities to do so, wouldn't it be easier to just get hardware?

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    damm these old threads!
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    I've been very satisfied with PC Tools Personal Firewall. Not bloated with running processes or NT services like many other firewalls. Sheer simplicity and it updates itself. Remember to turn off Windows firewall when using another firewall, unless Windows firewall is forced off when installing or running your preferred program.

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    I too use Comodo firewall which is really awesome, I highly recommend that product..
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