Hey guys - its been a while. With life's ups and downs it is hard to find time but life a settled down a bit for me now and Im back doing what i love

Which brings me to this post - We have recently upgraded some Trend clients to WFBS 6.0 and they have had huge problems with network and workstation performance.

Now, to inform you in advance, we are almost finished with finding a solution and the clients performance is almost back on par but I thought I would find out if anyone else has had issues with the new version of trend, and how you guys went about finding a solution.

Ironically, after dealing with Trend Support (we are a Trend partner) and being told there are no issues, and the only resolution Trend provided was to exclude app/working directories we found a Trend technote detailing performance problems and how to work around them.


A quick run down of things we have gone through to attempt to fix the performance issue, however I will document the entire process and provide a solution to you guys tomorrow, but I also wanted to get YOUR feedback on what the deal is.

1) Uninstall Trend client off server
2) Spent 20+ hours running tools for Trend Support - results = 0
3) Modifying group settings etc
4) SMARTSCAN Service - I mean, really - Ideal for a dedicated security server (maybe) but when your running SBS exchange & security all in one (with a TS on the side) this Smartscan service is HIGHLY less than ideal.
5) Registry Hack on a few clients that still report slow performance, escpecially when starting up.

Gotta get back to work - I will detail further items and the ultimate solution as we are just about done (30-40 non-billable hours round about) and will advise on further details.....

But what has been your experience? Thanks in advance guys - you will see me around much more in the future, once again