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Thread: go7400 problem

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    go7400 problem

    hi guys,

    i m using HP Pavilion DV6355 for last 1.5 years. Recently its graphics card stopped working (geforce go 7400). I can still use the system but very poor quality graphics. I am wondering whether there are external graphics cards (usb) just like nvidia ones, which i dont need to plug inside my laptop to work. Or any other solution will highly be appreciated.

    (Note: I contacted HP they are full sure that there is a hardware problem with graphics card).

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    They exist, but last time I checked they weren't cost-effective. After 1.5 years it might actually be more worthwhile to buy a new laptop. Sorry to say but external video via USB is crappy (USB is not meant to handle that much data) and even if you run it through a PCMCIA slot you're still sacrificing quality after paying a lot of $$. Having the motherboard replaced is likely to cost you in the neighborhood of $450 as well (depending on who does it), which is what it would probably take if the video chip is fried. The exception would be if you purchased an extended warranty. The HP manufacturer's warranty expires after one year.

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    I will go with keezel on this one. I don't think that it would be cost effective to repair the machine or that an external work around would be really satisfactory.

    Unfortunately that is the way things are with most (true) laptops. So much is integrated onto the MoBo that if one item fails you have to replace the lot.

    To be honest with you the only things I normally bother with are the hard drive, memory and battery.

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    thanks guys, now I am thinking to buy a new laptop. Now, another question , sorry for that, what should i do with old laptop. Its in great condition except the graphics card problem. I m writing this post using the same old laptop. How can i sell it cost effectively.

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    Excuse me, is there an airport nearby large enough for a private jet to land?

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