This may sound alittle crazy to some people and less so to others. Is it possible to have your harddrive compromised by way of a facebook account?

This is why I ask: I got a friend request from someone a couple of weeks ago, and ignored it for about a week. I finally confirmed it with a message asking how they came by my profile. A day later a folder on my computer comes up missing, no sign of it in the recycle bin or anything. Just gone. Then this account I had recently let befriend me was no longer on my friends list, no response ever to my query. Just gone. I realize that if this was possible it would require a very sophisticated knowledge of certain processes involved.
Its not even an important folder, just some copies of blogs I'd written, so its not the loss thats driving me, its the curiosity now more than anything.

Iv been a member of AO for a long time and know there are some very sophisticated minds at work here too. Has anyone ever heard of this happening before? Anything similar? Is it even possible? I'm baffled over it.