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Thread: Hotmail account detail posted online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MsMittens View Post
    Perhaps wasn't phished as a user error but perhaps the result of a hole not fixed (either by user or by MS)?
    actually it's because people use services like and to check if someone deleted them from their windows live messenger contact list.

    I find interesting that if you go to those site's english version, it is reported as a phishing scam by ie and firefox security but not the spanish one.

    if you see the list of accounts leaked, you will notice a lot of latin names in there, windows live messenger is very popular in latinamerica.

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    Wow, I didn't know people actually did that.... I use Linux and BSD so my clients, allow me to mouse over a name, and it has a thing saying "Has You?: Yes Blocked?: No" and that's that.
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