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    Trying to hide something :)

    I have deleted files i downloaded from limewire since the new girlfriend moved in...but I can't seem to delete the files completely. When I type in search, they pop up. I can't delete them from there, it says the file has been moved/deleted and and asks me if I want to create the file.

    I've restarted in safe mode, but the files weren't there...and I've done almost everything i can think of, but they still remain.

    I have an Intel core 2 Due CPU 1.66ghz and a 32bit operating system, if you needed to know.

    Thanks for the help!

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    I would try using something like ccleaner. It will clear recent docs, temp files etc.
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    Sounds like results of an indexing service....

    The files have already been indexed - and therefore will be listed, but already have been deleted.

    Locate the indexing program (Windows Search / Google Desktop etc) and either re-index your computer, or uninstall.

    I have deleted files i downloaded from limewire since the new girlfriend moved in
    Maybe your gf is just as interested in your limewire downloads are you are?

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