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    XP - User Can't Logon

    I've got a rather odd problem going on with my home desktop (XP Home).

    Desktop only has two accounts, both set to administrator. My account that I always logon with works great, no problems whatsoever. However, anytime I try to logon to the other account from the Welcome screen, it shows the usual text of logging on, flashes the desktop, then immediately logs off, returning to the Welcome screen.

    So I checked a few things while googling about:

    (1) To my knowledge I haven't been infected with Blazefind. I have no unusual search bars, and my BitDefender + Adaware + Spybot setup has shown things as pretty clean for a while now.

    (2) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT
    \CurrentVersion\Winlogon is properly set to userinit.exe (as opposed to wpaupdater.exe -- evidently another common cause of the problem).

    (3) I deleted the account entirely, then recreated it. Problem continues.

    (4) These Events appear every time the problem occurs:

    SideBySide, Event 59:

    "Resolve Partial Assembly failed for Microsoft.Windows.GdiPlus. Reference error message: Access is denied."

    SideBySide, Event 59:

    "Generate Activation Context failed for System Default Context. Reference error message: The operation completed successfully."

    Again, the main logon I usually use continues to work fine -- It just appears any secondary account I try to create fails to logon now.

    Any thoughts? I'm about to run a chkdsk /r next to see if it has any effect.

    /edit -- Ok, got some updated details.

    Ran chkdsk /r, and sure enough, after that I was able to logon onto the newly created second account. Once. Logged off, then logged back into my main account, then logged out, and tried to log back into the second account a second time. The problem returned.

    Weird eh?
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